Untertitel: Dark Dreams

Klappentext: Dark Dreams
Nea is always requested by the Scavengers, when the salvage of a supposed treasure, could be dangerous. Nea is a skillful hunter and can handle almost any hostile organism. For her, as a self-confident young woman, it makes sense, to work alone on her missions. But her current job could be more dangerous than anyone before. A mission, in which she will face an enemy, that is far more powerful, than she can imagine … The scavengers. This is the name, given to the gangs of fortune seekers and adventurers, who search for treasures and secrets, in the legacies of numerous wars, that have shook the Galaxy. In the constant chase after the big success, they travel through the galaxy Asgaroon, pursued by the henchmen of a mighty imperial authority. An organization of secret knowledge. Ordered to prevent the galaxy, from the dangers the old artifacts may keep. Threats, that could mean total extinction for all inhabitants of Asgaroon…

Zusätzliche Daten

Autor: Allan
ISBN: 978-1520112084
Teil einer Serie: nein
Im Selfpublishing veröffentlicht?: ja
Jugendbuch: ja


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