Beschreibung: Non-Duality is the direct path to connecting with one’s wholeness and the source of being.

The book contains

  • a basic definition of the terms used.
  • an introduction to Non-Duality /Advaita Vedanta with explanatory graphics.
  • 62 meditative theme cards with hypnotically beautiful pictures and

The theme cards all contain

  • Meditative images over which one can freely associate or immerse oneself.
  • Inspirational quotes over which to contemplate and reflect.
  • Explanatory texts to ponder and reflect upon.
  • Profound questions for contemplation that one can engage with.
  • Precise meditations with instructions that can be experienced and experienced.

Experience is a central theme in Non-Duality / Advaita Vedanta, because only what we have experienced ourselves also becomes realization and our own truth, and thus ultimately a stable state in our own awareness. Non-duality or Advaita Vedanta describes a world view, which does not describe matter, but truth as an all-encompassing world principle. As the term non-duality already says, there is no duality. This is only a construct of our mind and the ego to maintain the illusion of the single individual. Why this is so, no one can say with ultimate certainty.

Many spiritual and religious practices describe the state of non-duality, which I call „awareness of awareness.“ In modern spiritual literature it is called quantum environment, quantum realm, zero field, primordial consciousness, pure consciousness, or cosmic consciousness. In Buddhism it would be the „nature of mind“ or „rigpa“, Sufis call it „tauhid“, in Hinduism „turiya“ and in the Judeo-Christian tradition it would be the „Unio Mystica“. However, few of them give exact instructions on how to reach this state. In this book, meditation instructions describe exactly how to enter this state.

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