Beschreibung: Lena used to be able to talk about anything, anytime with her best friend Kim – school, other friends, hobbies, love, boys… But since Kim moved away, everything’s just boring and tedious – until Lena stumbles across gliding and dives in head first! The airfield is a new world for Lena: freedom, independence, endeavour, achievement, belonging to the airfield-family… and then there’s Maxl… Lena’s heart beats faster whenever he turns up. Hopefully she won’t crash-land! And how does a girl find a new best friend? Fly with Lena and share her exciting times at the airfield. A book for exceptional girls with a yearning for adventure!

Zusätzliche Daten

Genre: Jugendbuch
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 04.05.2018
Umfang: 248 Seiten
ASIN: 3743946769
ISBN: 978-3743946767
Teil einer Serie: nein
Im Selfpublishing veröffentlicht?: ja
Jugendbuch: ja
Geeignet ab: 10


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